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Sinkinson Thatching

Simon Sinkinson - Master Thatcher

Welcome to Sinkinson Thatching

We offer a high quality thatching service across the UK and France.

The business was established 25 years ago and has always concentrated on giving a personal service to all customers.

This means that we can easily alter our thatching style to suit the local tradition rather than providing a mass-produced finish used by so many thatching firms.

We enjoy the challenge of trouble-shooting difficult roofs, both large and small, including the use of lead valleys in areas that traditionally have suffered from poor water clearance.

We use wheat reeds and water reeds and are re-introducing the use of heather thatch, once a very common thatching material; this gives a good natural look from barns to film sets. It also gives a very attractive finish as a liner where thatch is exposed internally.

If you have a listed building with long straw thatch we have much experience in using this material.

We offer design consultation and can work with your architect regarding detail finishes such as ridge patterns etc.

Let us quote you for your particular requirements.